Alpha Centuri Black and White Tiberian Sun Quake III


Have you ever noticed that at any time there are 4 or 5 games that are followed by almost every computer magazine. I follow these games from developement to publish. As of January next year this site will become a sort of Fantasy Game League, All you have to do is guess when a game will be released and e-mail me. The closest person wins...

A Coveted Place in the

FTG HALL OF FAME!!!!! (tm)

In the mean-time you can visit my tribute sites to games that are not even out yet.

Game Offical ETA (Quarter/Year)
Fireaxis's Alpha Centuri (NOT Civ III) 4th/98
Lionhead's Black and White "Sometime in 99"
Tiberium Sun 4th/98
SimCity 3000 4th/98
What else? Quake III, Arena 3rd or 4th 99

(c) Nicholas Avenell 1998.

Last Edited on October 20th